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Ceramic Fittings
(to suit light bulbs and most Ceramic Heat Emitters)

Basic Fitting (ES)


Basic Fitting (ES) pre wired with cord (2 metres)


Hanging Ceramic Fitting (ES) - Suits Dome Reflector


Hanging Ceramic Fitting (ES) - Suits Dome Reflector with cord (2 metres)


** New and improved model!**

Flanged Ceramic Fitting (ES)


Dome Reflector



Aussie Sun Plug Pack Dimmer

Suitable for incandescent lights, heat mats, heat tape etc. Dim your heat source down to approximately the power you require rather than have the appliance constantly coming on too hot. Creates a more gentle form of heating. Suggested use with a probe thermostat THAT040. Rated at 1500 watts this device will cope with most electric heating sources.


per unit

Note: Thermostats are located on the their own page.