Speckled Feeder Roach Traps

The uses for these traps to (re)capture live food for your herps is endless!

Recover all your escapees. Place just a small amount of Roach food in the center compartment and watch the roaches march in. (Click the image above and take a closer look.) The entry of the roach into the trap is heralded by the feint tinkle of the aluminuim fingers of this amazing trap.

Customer feedback: "I put one of the traps into an empty lizard enclosure, used a couple dog food pellets, in the morning there were over 100 woodies in the trap, same the next day, the woodies had been behind the styrene background, eating it away. The next day it caught giant mealworms, baby woodies and few crickets, all alive and back in their tubs well worth the money thanks"

Customer feedback: "I recovered an escapee baby accie (Spiny tailed monitor) that went into the trap after the feeder roaches. It has paid for itself many times over from this incident alone!"

just $15.00 at the Herp Shop.



Rep-Cal® (Aust) - Division of 'THE HERP SHOP'

The HERP SHOP is the importer and Australasian distributor of Rep-Cal products. 


Another quality product produced in the U.S.A by Rep-Cal Research Labs.

Although marketed in the U.S.A as Bearded Dragon food (because of the popularity of these lizards overseas) it is also suitable for most of our other dragons and most certainly skinks.

It comes in pellet form and is available in both juvenile and adult formula.

Rep-Cal Bearded Dragon Food is veterinarian formulated to ensure proper growth and health by providing complete and balanced nutrition.

Rep-Cal Bearded Dragon Food is fortified with optimal levels of vitamins and minerals like calcium and vitamin D3 so no other food supplements are required. Because Bearded Dragons are sometimes wary of new foods, make all food changes gradually and monitor your lizard's weight, condition, and food intake.

Feeding Instructions:

** Moisten food in water or fruit juice.

** Offer slightly more food than your lizard will eat in an 8 hour period.

** Fresh greens, mealworms and crickets may be added as treats.

** Provide adequate fresh water daily.

 When switching to Rep-Cal Bearded Dragon Food from another diet, allow several days for the transition. Mix increasing amounts of Rep-Cal Bearded Dragon Food with less of the previous food until your lizard is only eating the Rep-Cal food.


Juvenile Bearded Dragon Food - Growth formula. 170g net

$22.00 each

Adult Bearded Dragon Food - Maintenance formula. 226g net

$28.00 each