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With the vast growth in shipping volume, the Herp Shop has expanded to the extent where out-sourcing of the shipping/handling section of our operation has been let to a private contractor. It remains within our family and the same guaranteed quality packing and shipping will be continued.

Two methods of shipping are available and, unless otherwise requested, the Herp Shop will decide on which method is used. If there is a large difference in the rates between the two companies that we use, (Australia Post and Fastway Couriers), you will be consulted first if we propose to use the more expensive option.

Australia Post:

We only ship with Australia Post on Tuesdays and are registered to use eParcel. This method is slightly dearer than the normal parcel post but it provides a tracking system and proof of delivery. Under Australia Post regulations, all live insects are to be shipped express eParcel and on their own. There is a maximum limit on the roaches to stay within the minimum cost of the express post. Therefore, all insects automatically go express eParcel. All parcels with a P.O Box destination must also go Australia Post. With the balance of the parcels, we weigh up the quickest and, within reason, the more economical way of getting your order to you.

Fastway Couriers:

We ship with Fastway Couriers on Mondays and Wednesdays. They supply the same tracking system and proof of delivery. It is not economical to use this system for places like inland N.S.W and parts of Qld for parcels in the lower weight range. A responsible decision re shipping will be made on your behalf.

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Unable to supply any roaches at this stage. Need to build up stock again. For any updates - watch this space

Use this section to order your Speckled Feeder Roaches (For details see the food page)

Age (approximate length)
Cost and Unit Size
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55 Day Old (25mm)
$6.60 per 50 grams
x 50 grams
40 Day Old (20mm)
$4.40 per 20 grams
x 20 grams
30 Day Old (15mm)
$5.50 per 10grams
x 10 grams
21 Day Old (10mm)
$3.30 per 5 grams
x 5 grams

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