Herp Shop Payment Notification

Informing us that you have made a payment helps ensure that your account is properly credited. This is particularly important for cash direct deposits where we get minimal information on who is making the payment.

*** Note use this page for payments that have already been made. Intended future payments can be notified via email***

If you want to place an order for products from the Herp Shop please send email to sales@herpshop.com.au or phone 03 9363 6841.

Note that the Herp Shop and Herp Trader are separate businesses requiring separate payments.

If you have any questions or would like some assistance contact The Herp Shop (sales@herpshop.com.au or phone 03 9363 6841)

Herp Shop payments should be remitted to:
The Herp Shop
16 Suspension Street
Ardeer, Victoria, 3022
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