Frozen Rodents

The Herp Shop ‘Frozen Rodents’ are all home grown. With 50 years of experience in the rodent production industry, Brian personally supervises this aspect of the business. The end product is of the highest standard and quality.

Although we have been trading in frozen rodents for many years we have had them as an unadvertised side of the Herp Shop business. We could generally sell all that we could produce without advertising. We have increased this part of the business and are now able to offer frozen rodents to a wider clientele.

At this stage we will only be supplying the local market and all orders will need to be collected from our base in Ardeer, Victoria. (Western Suburbs Melbourne)


60 cents each in bags of 10
$6 per bag
70 cents each in bags of 10
$7 per bag
80 cents each in bags of 25
$20 per bag
$1.20 or $110 per 100
$1.20 each


40 g
$1.80 each

50 g

$2.00 each
60 g
$2.20 each
70 g
$2.30 each
80 g
$2.40 each
90 g
$2.50 each
100 g
$2.75 each
125 g
$3.00 each
150 g
$3.25 each
175 g
$3.50 each
200 gr
$4.00 each
Adults 225g - 299g
$5.00 each
Adults 300g+
$6.00 each