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The Natural History of a Crocodile - Solomon's Story.

This is a natural history of Rob Bredl's largest crocodile, Solomon. Solomon was caught as a 4 metre rogue near Bamaga in Cape York peninsula. When he arrived at Rob's zoo he seemed different from other wild caught crocodiles. Rob came to believe that he had let this one go as a baby from the crocodile farm at Edward River.

Years later, Solomon became famous for attacking and nearly killing Rob's niece, Karla. Rob and Karla tell us just what went wrong and we learn of her remarkable rescue by her father Joe.


Filmed in 1972, this programme is one of the first ever to be made on crocodiles in Australia. It gives a rare glimpse of life at Edward River when Joe Bredl, with the help of his son Rob, fought to create the Edward River Crocodile farm, at a time when almost nothing was known about crocodiles and they were a species bordering on extinction in Australia.

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Bush Tucker Banquet
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In BUSH TUCKER BANQUET Rob Bredl gives us a light hearted, entertaining and informative guide to bush tucker in the 20th century Australian bush. For Rob Bredl and his mate John Robinson, the bush is just one big playground. Together they travel deep into far north Queensland's gulf country to show us what's to eat, what's nice and what's not. As they journey, we learn important lessons on how to live off the land. In his bush tucker kitchen the Barefoot Bushman prepares such things as feral rat, barramundi sausage and cane toad legs and gives some good advice on how to save on the supermarket bill. Rob Bredl uses traditional aboriginal trapping and hunting techniques and a few of his own to show just how easy it is to get a feed in the bush if you are not too fussy.

Originally the plan was to film the plane wreck of the Grady Gaston which went down in the Gulf country during World War Two but as they said:

"We spent several days here filming but by now it was clear that the concept of the programme had to change and so it became Bush Tucker Banquet, a modern day recipe for survival in the Australian bush, garnished with a topping of Rob Bredl's quirky tongue in cheek attitudes on getting a feed in the bush. It was one of the top ten rating documentaries when it was televised."

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Rob Bredl has a unique gift. It is a fearless understanding of animal behaviour. This gift has seen him judged by many as the world's best crocodile wrangler. It would be a surprise indeed, if these two programmes did not provide us with a unique and highly informative view of these two groups of Australian snakes. These are probably the two best shows ever produced on the TIGERS and TAIPANS

THE TAIPANS (53 Mins.)
"A Barefoot Bushman DVD"

Taipans are the largest, fastest, most venomous snakes on earth; thoroughbreds of the snake world. “They’re not like this to kill us humans and they have killed a few but to hunt rats and bandicoots. They are the best rat catchers of all.” In this program Rob Bredl the Barefoot Bushman takes us into the secret world of the taipans. He tells us why they are the most dangerous snakes of all. He shows us how taipans mate, lay eggs and hunt and explains just why they are so large, have such strong venom and so much of it. Also the programme examines the reasons for two different taipans and compares their hunting styles and prey type as well as their environments.Rob Bredl and his friend John Robinson venture deep into the Australian desert enduring floods, mud and flies to find the Inland Taipan, the world’s most poisonous snake.

"A Barefoot Bushman DVD"

Tiger snakes are large deadly snakes that have been responsible for many deaths in Australia. Intriguingly, they give us a view of evolution equal to any. Work done by herpetologists including Mirtschin, Schwaner, Shine, and others reveal an insightful story. It is in the tiger snakes that we see a species with an extraordinary ability to adapt. Tiger snakes are one of the more accomplished opportunists in the world of elapid snakes and their special characteristics allow us a good opportunity to view the way in which new species come about.