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Heat Mats


Heat Mats produce ultra long wavelength infra red heat. This wavelength is invisible to the human eye and tends to heat furnishings in the cage rather than the air. This action of heating is very similar to the sun and it has the ability to heat anything that it strikes but with the air temperature remaining much lower. Reptiles absorb this at in a manner very similar to basking in a natural environment. Heat mats do get warm but provide very gentle warmth which the animal can sit under or on top of. Used under normal conditions the mats cannot burn the animal.

It should be noted that heat mats give a gentle background heat. If you are keeping animals that requires higher temperatures, then you may require additional supplemental heating. Many diurnal or day active species of lizard require basking spots of rather high localised heat. Additional heat sources should then be provided for these species. Heat mats are excellent primary heaters for most applications requiring night time heating, as they emit no visible light and are the most widely used heater for this purpose.

For many species of snake and for most invertebrate heating. Heat mats are excellent as the sole heat sources. If in doubt please seek expert advice with regard to the animal's specific requirements.

102mm x 127mm, 4" x 5"
4 watts
150mm x 280mm, 6" x 11"
7 watts
280mm x 280mm, 11" x 11"
12 watts
430mm x 280mm, 17" x 11"
20 watts
590mm x 280mm, 23" x 11"
28 watts
740mm x 280mm, 29" x 11"
35 watts
890mm x 280mm, 35" x 11"
42 watts
1200mm x 280mm, 47" x 11"
60 watts



Herp Shop Heating Element

Now available in two widths - 100mm and 340mm
Actual heating area 90mm and 320mm

  • These elements should be installed by a qualified electrician.
  • A probe thermostat should always be used to control these heating elements,
  • Please follow these wiring instructions. Failure to follow these instructions may result in injury or fire.
  • The heating element can be cut to any length (through the clear bars) but not the width.
  • Should not be used in direct contact with metal.

Click Here for wiring instructions.

HW320 320mm wide 70 watts per metre

$35.00 per metre

LW320 320mm wide 35 watts per metre

$35.00 per metre

HW090 90mm wide 20 watts per metre

$30.00 per metre



These crimp connectors are required to connect electrical wiring to the Herp Shop Heating Element. Two are required for each connection.


Crimp Connectors

$2.50 each

Insulating covers

$2.50 each

Crimping tool (Picture coming) $95 each

These quality heat emitters are manufactured in Ireland to the highest standards and are avaliable in 100w, with Edison screw E27 fitting.

Give them a try, certainly a challenge to Chinese imports.

Other wattages soon available.

$45 each

Herp Shop Black Nite Ceramic Heat Emitters

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Herp Shop Black Nite ceramic heat emitters enclose a reliable heat element in modern glossy ceramic material and are an ideal choice for light free heat for your herp:

  • The flat design radiates heat effectively without any light output.
  • Suitable for diurnal and nocturnal species.
  • They have a standard Edison Screw (ES) fitting.
  • The dark colour and stylish shape looks good in all enclosure designs.
  • Due to their low failure rate they are more economical than light globes.
  • Available in 60, 150 and 250 watt outputs (all for the same low price).
  • Can be used with a thermostat.
  • Can be used with most dimmers.

** Note that it is recommended that the Black Nite heat emitter should be used in conjunction with the Herp Shop medium sized light cage and ceramic ES fittings.

$38.00 each

Heating Cord

This rubber coated, water proof heat cord has unlimited uses. Ideal for incubators, cages of all sizes, pit type enclosures (inside and out) and for applying heat to those hard to get at places ie. in hides, up branches etc.
Also very useful with rack type plastic container systems.
Now available in 4 wattages and lengths.

Should be controlled with a probe thermostat. We recommend either the Habistat Mat-Stat or the Habistat Temperature Thermostat.

15watt - 4.0 metres (heating length 1.5 metres)
$20.00 each
25watt - 4.3 metres (heating length 2.5 metres)
$25.00 each
50watt - 6.0 metres (heating length 5.0 metres)
$30.00 each
100watt - 12.0 metres (heating length 10.0 metres)
$50.00 each



Suggested wattages
Water volume
50 watts
50 litres
100 watts
100 litres
150 watts
150 litres
200 watts
200 litres
300 watts
300 litres

Tronic Aquarium Heater. 50, 100, 150, 200 and 300 watt models available. Precise Electronic Accuracy. Patented Thermal Sensor. Safety Shut Off. Fast Heat Technology and Fully Submersible.
$70.00 each
Blutherm 200 watt Heater. Power on lamp. Direct-reading of the temperature setting. Absolutely water-proof. Adjustment knob with limiting stops.
$60.00 each

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